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Sacred Geometry, Light and Healing Energy

Meet Ana Mirtha

Sacred Geometry and Movement Healing.

My name is Ana Mirtha. I´m a light worker, movement director and performer.

I have been practicing energy work on myself and others for the last ten years. 

My path started with Reiki, and soon and naturally moved into Sacred Geometry and Rays of Light,  which helped me understand a lot of the light and healing principles that  I now apply into my sessions. 

Because of my background in Physical Theatre, Circus and Dance, I have discovered the power of healing through movement.

I don´t  believe in Masters or Healers or anyone that says that can quickly and easily "fix you". I only believe in our own inner wisdom and power of self-healing.

Of course, there are people that we meet along the way, that  guide us to understand ourselves better,  that help us to become aware of our wounds and resistances, so we can open our eyes to those imbalances in ourselves that we were not able to see before. But ultimately, it is our  choice whether we decide to accept our present moment with love, kindness and gratitude and learn whatever lesson life has to offer, or whether we decide to position ourselves as victims and run away from the truth in our hearts.


In my sessions I invite you to open your eyes, ears and heart to see, listen or feel whatever you need to learn to heal yourself and become open, balanced and in harmony in every single aspect of your life.

In my practice I strictly work with Love, Light and Healing Energies only.


What is Sacred Geometry

In simple terms: Everything that exists is energy. Everything that exists has a vibration. This vibration has a representation in 2D : a Geometrical Shape.

When the body  is healthy (physical, mental, emotional body, etc) it vibrates in harmony, and each part of it vibrates with a particular geometrical shape that represents the balanced body. When the body becomes unhealthy this geometrical shapes transform to become a representation of the imbalanced vibration.

The Sacred Geometry Healing brings the vibration of the body back to balance, promoting harmony, relieving us from stress, pain and opening us to joy and vitality in every single aspect of our lives.


The term ‘sacred geometry’ refers to various shapes and forms that have been used traditionally in art, architecture and meditation for thousands of years. These same shapes and forms are also found in natural organisms. Ancient cultures, including Christians, Hindus, Greeks and Egyptians, recognized that certain patterns or geometric shapes are repeated throughout nature.

From honeycomb, to the scales of a fish, to the neural networks of our brains, all of life is composed of intricate patterns. The geometric patterns found in nature provide an integral window into the interconnected fabric of Creation.

Sacred geometry unites science and spirituality, self and “other”, right brain (intuition) and left brain (rational thinking), inner and outer, macro and micro…

Sacred Geometry is a process of aligning one's heart, mind and spirit to Source. It is the gateway between the etheric and physical realms. Working with sacred geometry is a mirror of the soul~ it is fundamental to the evolution of consciousness as well as to the existence of life itself. 


It can help with

Chakras alignment
Releif of physical and emotional pain
Higher-self reconnection
Acquiring new tools for self-healing
Release negative
Energetic Cleansing
Stress Relief
Breaking of negative mental patterns
Improvement of
Physical Health
Deeper understanding of personal life path

F.A.Q about an energy healing treatment

Q. What is universal life energy?

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. Universal life energy is all around us. It is the source of energy from which all living things come from.


Q. How is this used during a treatment?

Universal life energy is channeled and passed on through the practitioner's hands which brings healing to wherever it is needed. When this energy flows uninterrupted we become open and balanced and at peace with ourselves and the world around us.


Q. What happens during a Sacred Geometry treatment?

The first session will include a  longer initial consultation. The treatments are given to clients as they lie on a treatment bed. I will work though a series of non intrusive hand positions, with the hand being placed above the body or gently and lightly on the dressed body (if the person feels comfortable with that). The treatment will last about an hour. During this time, the client will probably feel deep relaxation, calm and a sense of peace. The energy received can bring emotional issues to the surface for healing. At the end of the treatment, we will have a short conversation where we can talk about any information raised during the session, or any questions you might have.


Sacred Geometry Healing can also be given as a distant healing if the client and practitioner cannot be in the same space Although I always prefer to have the session in person.

​Q. What is absent healing?

Absent healing is also known as distant healing. An absent Energy treatment is as effective as a treatment in person. Energy can be directed anywhere. Energy knows no boundaries or barriers.​

The client can stay in the comfort of their own home. A time will be allocated for the healing and it's advised that the client spends the hour meditating, sleeping or gently 'being' at home. 

​Q. Is Sacred Geometry for me?

It is for everyone. Everyone is entitled to live in their truth, pain free and at peace with themselves in this moment.

Q. Do I have to believe in Sacred Geometry to benefit from it?

S.G is not a religion and there is no belief system attached to it. It is a safe natural therapy bringing you towards a healthy mind, body and spirit.  


Q. Is Sacred Geometry a miracle cure?

No!  S.G will assist the body in healing itself. Some conditions will improve very quickly and others may take longer. As I said, in my opinion, there is no such a thing as a miracle cure or a healer that will quickly fix you. There is only the power of self-healing. I can guide you and assist you to discover some of the tools you might need to continue your self-healing journey. 



“I consider Ana Mirtha a wonderful healer. I have experienced great improvements in my life after each session. I have been relieved from emotional and physical pain. Also, she has helped me to bring consciousness into my processes (both physical, emotional and spiritual). She has given me new ways of working on myself energetically, and widen my presence in the world.”


— Sonia Megías- Musician- Madrid, Spain

“My experience working with Ana Mirtha is one of  discovery. I´ve found a bridge to a wider and richer understanding of life.

This highly gifted and generous woman has helped me to connect with a part of myself that I did not know,  and that now, I keep on discovering every day.She has helped me to connect with something bigger than my existence: the sense of Unity. This, has brought me to a better life. I feel accompained and trustful in love. Thanks , Mirtha”


— Laura Mora- Law Professor Madrid, Spain

“Ana Mirtha has opened me the doors to something I could somehow perceive but couldn´t clearly see. She gave me the tools to connect with my `origin´. Movement, self-knowledge, healing through love and light: these, I assure you, it´s the experience that you will go through when you work with Ana Mirtha. A self-unique personal journey. I invite you to live it. ”


— Nicolás Greco- Performer- Buenos Aires, Argentina

“ The sessions with Mirtha are deep experiences that have changed, in a very loving way, the perception that I had about myself. She heels body and spirit by working with energy in a very integral way, taking care of you in every single moment in a relaxed and joyful environment. The effects of each session are transformations that remain in time, heightening your vibration and generating a wellness that connects you with your own truth and your heart. ”


— Gema Parra- Music producer Madrid, Spain

Everything is Sacred. Everything is Geometry

Contact Info


 +34 626 958 994


Calle Argumosa 17,  Madrid (Spain)


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